• Line noise/ spike protection
  • Generator compatibility
  • High voltage cut off
  • High voltage cut off
  • Performs in wide input range
  • Primary switching technology
  • Zero Cross Detector technology
  • Overload cut off with automatic re-set
  • Output voltage correction without break
  • Mains turn-on delay

Blue Star

A complete range of Electronic Voltage Ac stabilizers from Blue star in 4kv and 5kv capacity. Inputs both 145-280 and 175-280v Genuine products with 2 years warranty from company. Equipped with Latest features and design Terms and Conditions - Products are available at wholesale prices. All products are available at guarantee and replacement from respective companies. Quality is best in class , superior and genuine. Goods sold against cash payment. No credit against goods sold.


  • Absolute and Stable Sine wave output voltage & frequency: Elantra-Platinum H-UPS uses 6th Sense Technology that uses an ALR (Adaptive Loss Reduction) process for an efficient charging system providing longer battery life. It also has in built SBM (Smart battery management) system which gives high battery protection and longer backup time.
  • Elantra platinum H-UPS have auto reset function in case of overload short circuits. It will reset itself automatically and will make 5 attempts for overload. Otherwise it will shut off and you will have to reset the H-UPS manually by turning ON/OFF switch on its front panel.
  • This unique feature reminds the user to check the battery water and suitably top it (add water). This feature is unique as it greatly enhances battery life.
  • UPS/Normal: User friendly soft touch button, which along with easy operation gives an elegant look to your product.
  • This function sets the charging current based on the power cuts. * For details call whirlpool Home Care.
  • Elantra-Platinum maintains a record of processes taking place in the system, and also the faults which might have occurred in the system. It has 7 LED


Voltas Stabilizer are available in good quality and wide range.

Leavguard (Luminous)

Luminous electrical products draw on the same heritage of innovation and quality as our power back up solutions.
Over the last five years we've listened carefully to our customers and responded to their needs by releasing approximately four new products every month. Each one of these products is designed to exceed our customers' expectations on two parameters: form and function. We combine aesthetically pleasing design and high-quality components with an uncompromising focus on safety. As a result, our product line confirms to international benchmarks in reliability.

Blue Bird

Bluebird stablizer bluebird is a reputed leading brand of automatic voltage stabilizers, for more than past three decades. These products are well appreciated and have received much recognition for their quality. We strive to offer best quality at most best competitive rates. talented and professional staff, These products have earned good reputation among customers.